Newsletter – Late Fall 2012 October 31, 2012 – Posted in: News

Dear Christian Friends,

  Warm greetings once again. The past year has been a busy one here in the South Asian division work. This is partially because we have increased our inventory by adding several new languages. Our new website is in full bloom, thanks to the labors of several high tech-savy brethren. Please continue to pray with us that the Lord will use it to generate much more interest resulting in lasting blessing to precious souls. Once again, we are reminded that though some may plant the seed and others water with their prayers, God ultimately gives the increase.

1 Cor. 3: 7 & 8.

  We would also remember the faithful efforts of many dear sisters in the Lord, whose labors are so very much appreciated. They have been involved in text work, collating tracts and Gospel packets, maintaining of accounts and being silent prayer warriors ~ to name just a few. May the Lord bless each of them as they serve Him in different capacities. Surely the Lord views every task done for Himself and we’re thankful for every one of them. We value your continued prayers in the coming year, God willing, as we seek to reach souls with the life-giving Word. May the Lord bless each of you abundantly now and in the coming year!

Hamilton, ON CANADA ~ Would you be kind enough to send me a list of the language items you have for sale? We are mainly interested in materials for Sikhs, Hindus and the language calendars with prices.

London, ENGLAND ~ I have a question, I have got an order for calendars in various languages and was wondering if you are producing calendars again in Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi andUrdu? Do you have anything in Somali? Also the other day I was asked for Konkani Bibles, do you have any?

Abbotsford, BC CANADA ~ Would you please send 24 copies of all your free items and 50 copies of tracts. I would prefer them in the Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English languages where possible. Thank you so much.

Amarillo, TX USA ~ By God’s grace, we are earnestly seeking printed and/or audible teaching materials that may help explain New Testament principles in the Burmese or Karen languages or just audible in the Thai language. The LORD has brought some legal Burmese refugees of the Karen people group in our path that we are having regular Bible studies with. One of the main reoccurring topics has been remembering the LORD/the LORD’S supper. Please send what you have.

Philadelphia, PA USA ~ I just wanted to inform you that our 2012 India Outreach at Philadelphia, PA has gone very well. Tracts, books, and materials ordered from you are almost all finished. Many older people took books such as book of Sadhu Sunder Singh in Gujarati. Thanks for your ministry and we will be ordering again soon.

Abbotsford, BC CANADA ~ Thanks Steve. Just got the tracts today. Glad to see they arrived so quick. I am so excited about finally having a good PUNJABI tract to give out. Something about getting a box full of tracts….makes me feel like it is Christmas time.

Montreal, QC CANADA ~ We received the Tamil shipment some time ago, for which we thank you very much, plus all the extras. Everything was in good condition. Do you still have Gospel Song Cassettes in Urdu? We went to Quebec City two weeks ago for one meeting. The people are so hungry for God there.

SINGAPORE ~ Thank you for the info on the calendars. I would like to order 100 Hindi (Mini) calendars and 100 Punjabicalendars.

Toronto, ON CANADA ~ Do you have more CL editions of the Bible in Punjabi? We are running out! If we could receive another 20 – 25 copies, that would be great!

Milwaukee, WI USA ~ Thank you so much for the investigation and information about the Karen/English NTs. I will definitely try to get in touch and order some!

Glattbrugg, SWITZERLAND ~ Do you have calendars for 2013 in the Hindi language and maybe in other languages? Please inform me about the types of calendars and prices.

Beaverton, OR USA ~ Thank you for remembering and sharing about the Karen language products. I will reach out to my friend in Thailand and inquire if we still need the NTs and other literature. I will circle back with you.

Online ~ England, U.K. ~ I am originally from the North West of Pakistan (near Pak-Afghan border) but currently living in the UK. I am writing to inquire as to whether you may presently or in the near future require a translator for your ministry, translating English into Pashto/Afghani, or Urdu. The Pashto speaking people still do not have portions of the Bible translated into their own language. 85% of the Pashto peoples have NEVER heard the Gospel and in Afghanistan, which has Pashto as its primary language, (also the language spoken by The Taliban.) There are between 50 and 60 million Pashtun speakers worldwide. Yet they still do not have the entire Bible available to them. As a Pashtun believer who has been converted to Christ from an extreme Muslim background, my heart is passionate about reaching my people with the Gospel. Please contact me.

New York, NY USA ~ Thank you for the free pamphlet “WHY IS IT DIFFICULT FOR A MUSLIM TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN?” and for all the work that you do in providing materials to reach Muslims and those of other faiths with the Gospel.

Online ~ ITALY ~ Greetings from Italy! I was just checking out your webpage “South Asian Ministry” because I am looking for tracts in the Urdu language. We are working full-time among the many foreigners here in Italy and since there are many people from Pakistan we are in need of evangelistic materials. Most of the Pakistanis here are Muslims. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Lynden, WA USA ~ We are having a county wide missions fest conference in Lynden in 10 days and would like to have Gospels of John in Punjabi since we are reaching out to Sikhs here. Please give me a call to discuss this.

Olympia, WA USA ~ I’m looking for a Bible for a co-worker of mine. He is from Sri Lanka. I noticed you have one in Sinhala – that is his language. I was wondering if I could order one from you by email.

Yuba City, CA USA ~ Would you happen to have tracts by Sadhu Sundar Singh in Punjabi? We could use thousands for the Sikh Parade this November 4. We have a good one in English, but Punjabi is more appropriate for this group. I checked the site. You have many wonderful books and we will put some on our literature table.

Orlando, FL USA ~ Congratulations on building a beautiful new website that looks so user-friendly and efficient! May God bless your continued ministry and may it expand greatly. I have referred many people to MGL – Southasian Ministry over the years and continue to do so.

Here is an recent development that you may find quite interesting. Apparently, many from the Sikh population in California are moving up to the northern part of this state to be closer to their relatives in British Columbia across the border. So a network of 15 churches in a town not far from the border are working together to reach out to them. We had an order from the brother co-ordinating this activity and it’s very exciting. Please pray for this endeavor.