Newsletter – Spring 2013 April 1, 2013 – Posted in: News

Hello once again. It’s always a joy to observe the spring time with plants popping their heads up through the ground and birds singing. Solomon described it well, “The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.” SoS 2:11 & 12. But how wonderful to be the spring time for souls who have found Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives. And what a joy to have a part in this “ministry of reconciliation.” Thanks for your continued interest in our efforts here. Your continued prayers are valued as we endeavor to send His Word to many precious souls both here and abroad. 1 Cor. 3:7 & 8.


Sacramento, CA USA ~ Please send me one (1) each of the Nepali Bibles, the original text version and the revised version. Let me compare the two editions. Is Dzongkha a Nepali language or a Bhutanese? My ministry is geared towards all the peoples of South Asia (including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Fiji and other immigrants) who are resident in Sacramento County and its environs.

London, ENGLAND ~ Would you know of anywhere I could possibly obtain a Jesus Film in Konkanifor a customer request?

Port of Houston, TX USA ~ Please send me 150 copies of the attached HINDI mini JN Calendars.

Bergen, NORWAY ~ If you still have those available, I want to order 20 Konkani New Testaments for the Seamen’s Mission in Bergen, Norway. Please send 100 Tagalog free wallet calendars to my contact in Alaska, that would be great.

Yuba City, CA USA ~ Thank you, I checked the site. You have many wonderful books, some of which we already have and will put on our literature table. Do you carry mass distribution tracts?

Surrey, BC CANADA ~ Thanks for letting me know that that you have posted 100 more Hindi wallet calendars- and they be free too!  Your kindness is really appreciated, indeed!

Plano, TX USA ~ The MGL website is really nice and so easy to navigate and make choices! We just got a packet from you with two calendars – beautiful and will talk about it to our Gujarati friends.

GERMANY ~ I am very happy to contact you in connection with the language calendars for our mission in Germany. I would like to know how much will be the postage expense for one kilogram materials to reach us. Thank you very much for your offer. Brother Thomas from Berlin has given your address.

Folsom, CA USA ~ We are having a Christmas outreach program on Dec 15th. Free pocket Calendars will be great to give away. If you can send us 30 Telugu, 50 English, 10 Tamil Calendars, that will be great.

Lisone, ITALY ~ We could use anything you can send in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali. We are looking for basic Gospel tracts written for simple people, this is the main group we are reaching right now, no university students just very simple factory workers or farming people (men and women). So anything you could recommend is really fine.

Newark, CA USA ~ Thank you very much. A great service and supplier of Bibles and Christian materials for the Lord’s work. We continue to pray for you and your wonderful service to us.

Montreal, QC CANADA ~ Could you please send us 30 copies of Panjabi New Testaments in the oldest version possible?

Wichita, KS USA ~ We are having a Christmas party for the refugees this Sat. night and if at all possible I need these Tigrinya Bibles by then.  We can pay extra!!  Thanks for trying!!

Rome, ITALY ~ Your parcel arrived happily. Your tracts are so welcomed. I only add that compared to 25 years ago, this generation of youth are more open to the Christian faith. The Holy Spirit is gathering His flock.

Waco, TX USA ~ I have someone asking for Pashto. I think it is the language in Afghanistan that many of the Taliban speak. If you could send me one each of what you carry in Dari and Pashto andFarsi, then I will decide what I could use. Do you have any tracts in Arabic on topics such as parenting, drugs, or other personal subjects. I just got a request today from a friend in Jordan. Do you have any materials in the Somali?

Abbotsford, BC CANADA ~ I am looking for a Farsi Gospel tract. What do you have available and describe it to me. I want something that has a good gospel presentation. Thanks again for all the Punjabi materials.  The Punjabi people also enjoy very much having something available in their own language…much appreciated!

Richmond Hill, NY USA ~ Thanks for the beautiful pocket calendars in Bengali, Hindi andTelugu. We appreciate such gifts being sent from time to time to support God’s work. We refer people to your website, which is quite impressive. Keep up the good work for God.

N. IRELAND, UK ~ Hi. I’m so pleased to have found your site and hope that your work is a blessing to many people. I am a born again Christian from Northern Ireland and our family has made friends with someone one has been working in an Indian restaurant. He is a Roman Catholic and his family is from Goa. He is going to return to Goa to get married and possibly is not returning to Ireland. My husband is a member of the Gideons and we promised to give him a Bible as he does not have one. We thought it would be a nice gesture to give him a Bible in his own language which is Konkani so that his family could share in reading God’s word. I have been searching for a Konkani translation and have been unable to source one. However I made contact with “No frontiers” and through them purchased John’s Gospel in Konkani….That is where I found your website. Please let me know if you can help.

Richmond Hill, NY USA ~ I have seen the Urdu tracts on your website and like the titles but I want to read the whole thing and get approved by our board to order, so I look forward to go through the tracts. We have a ministry among Pakistani Muslims, Hindus who read Hindi and Gujarati. But I need to see the contents of the Urdu tracts. I will order the Roman Hindi New testament together with the tracts and in future if you ever get a Roman Hindi Complete Bible, please tell me because I need one. I can only read Urdu but my wife reads Hindi and Urdu both and we have some Hindi Bibles.

Vancouver, BC CANADA ~ We would like more Burmese Gospels of John. So, perhaps we can tentatively schedule another 200 copies for the new year. … and later,…  We picked up the other materials on Monday. I have not yet opened the Burmese Gospels but did look at the calendars (Tagalog). Thanks very much for the calendars. Some Filipino seafarers received them yesterday and they seemed very pleased.