Newsletter – Summer 2013 June 1, 2013 – Posted in: News

Dear Christian Friends,

Solomon assures us, “to everything there is a season,” and Paul reminds us to “be instant in season, out of season.” Eccles. 3:1, 2 Tim. 4:2. It is when the storms of life are most severe and we see ‘no fruit on the vines’ that we can trust Him more fully, knowing that He never makes any mistakes! Heaven will be full of surprises, so may the Lord encourage us to ‘grow where we are planted’ and shine out for Him.

Thank you each once again for your continued prayers and interest in the work He has given us to do. “Now is the day of salvation” and most surely too, “now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” The Lord’s coming encourages us to keep on “keeping on!”


London, ENGLAND UK ~ I see from your website that you have Indonesian Bibles listed. Do you know a source where to obtain from? Also Konkani Bibles are in need over here? Do you have any? BTW to you know of any source for Berber literature?

Online Enquiry ~ I wanted to order some bookmarks and coins in Gujarati. Are the bookmarks different verses or do they all the same verse?

Waco, TX USA ~ Do you have any materials in the Somali language?  From records we found on the Internet there are at least 84,000 Somali refugees immigrants in the past 25 yrs., most are militant Muslims. The guy who is asking me for literature is in Aberdeen SD. He says there are thousands there and the need is urgent.

Schomberg, ON CANADA ~ We have a Sikh family who have moved in across the road from us.  They are very polite and appreciative of anything we do for them. Could you send some suitable literature?

Labasa, FIJI ISLANDS ~ Please send the cassettes and the calendars as well as we can use them. We do have a lot of Hindi speaking people here. I will try and get a copy of census to you in a week or two.

Brooklyn, NY USA ~ I have seen the Urdu tracts on your website and like the titles but I want to read the whole thing and get it approved by our board to order, so I look forward to go through the tracts. We have a ministry among Pakistani Muslims, Hindus who read Hindi and Gujarati. I will order the Roman Hindi New testament together with the tracts and in future if you ever get a Roman Hindi complete Bible, please tell me because I need one. I can only read Urdu but my wife reads Hindi and Urdu both and we have some Hindi Bibles… later … Thanks for sending the samples of Urdu tracts. I enjoyed reading the Roman Hindi  John’s Gospel.

Montreal, QC CANADA ~ Someone called me from the UK asking for a Punjabi Roman Bible.  You sent me an Urdu Roman Bible … do you have one in Punjabi (Gurmukhi Punjabi)?

Kodaikanal, TN INDIA ~ If you could send me a selection of Tamil tracts, I would be very grateful. I am very happy to make a donation to cover the postage if you would let me know how to do that. In future I will try to arrange for someone coming to India to bring tracts with them; that way I could have you send the tracts within the US which would be easier The Lord has been impressing upon me Philemon verse 6 where Paul prays that “the sharing of your faith might be effective” and so I am asking for these tracts in the hope that I can be more effective in bringing the wonderful gospel to lost souls here in Tamil Nadu. Thank you.

Montreal, QC CANADA ~ We decided we would try 10 New Testaments of the New India translation of Hindi.  We are still hoping someone, somewhere will have the Old Version. If you could please also send us 10 more copies of the Panjabi Old  Version New Testament. Thank you so much.

SINGAPORE ~ Yes, posters would be of help. I’d like the coins in both English & Tamil since you have them too (not forgetting the bookmarks). The Indian community in Singapore is rather small but Tamil is one of the 4 official languages here. I attend a church that has its services solely in Tamil and we try to reach out to Indians (mostly Tamil speaking because of the fact that we don’t have English services in my church). I’m just hoping the coins & bookmarks would inspire people to know the love of Christ.

Montreal, QC CANADA ~ Thank you for always helping and encouraging us. You are doing an amazing job. I’m happy that someone like you works to distribute Bibles. Someone here is trying to work out a grant so we can have more money to buy more Bibles.

Tucson, AZ USA ~ Thank you. We are trying to minister to the 1200 Nepali\Bhutanese Hindu people living in Tucson, Arizona. We hope to use your resources during our witness among the Hindu people. The Scripture booklets will especially be helpful, as we can leave them as a gift to those who seem interested in Jesus. And we also think the Nepali bookmarks could be wonderful gifts that we can give to youth who memorize Bible verses. All of the free resources we plan to give away in things like this, including the tracts.

Fishers, IN USA ~ As we discussed on the phone Tuesday afternoon, please expedite shipping and use USPS Priority. I would like to present these Burmese Bibles to my ESL students at our last class Tuesday 14 May.

Seward, AK USA ~ Please send 10 Serbian New Testaments plus 6 Hungarian NTs.

Labasa, FIJI ISLANDS ~ Would you be able to email me latest list of Hindi DVD and CDS, calendars and things which are available to purchase. Thank you very much and God bless you abundantly.

Piding, GERMANY ~ We are still in contact with Tamil believers in Sri Lanka. They can use posters and texts. Can you send them to Sri Lanka? What quantity is available? We can use up to 100 copies per item.

Kansas City, MO USA ~ Many thanks to you. I am looking forward to the ministry materials on the way. The intention is to distribute them to friends and family at my Vietnamese-American wedding next month, August 3rd. We anticipate 80 guests and if there were any left-over tracts and Gospel coins they would be used with the ethnic youth at the Vietnamese Baptist church.

Glendale, CO USA ~ As a Project Coordinator, I work with the Bhutanese refugee population resettled in Colorado. There are more than 4,000 Bhutanese refugees and I help with their legal issues, extended services like medicaid, food stamps,  green card, citizenship, etc.  We have been running 8 ESL and citizen classes for the illiterate people who know no English. As a ministry, I work as an interpreter and preach the gospel. We are more than 10 Nepali families having fellowship here. The Bibles I ordered you is for my gospel ministry.