Newsletter – Autumn 2013 September 1, 2013 – Posted in: News

Dear Prayer Warriors,

As we look at the world around us over the past year, no doubt most of us will agree that this has been quite a year! The Lord’s coming seems to be just on the threshold, as we wonder at His long-suffering mercy over Christ-rejecters. Yet He waited in patience for us and for many before us.

Did you know that about half of our language materials now go to seamen who travel the seas in favor of trade and pleasure (ie. Cargo/cruise ships)? One in four of these seamen are from the Philippines and of those who enter North American ports, the number climbs to 50% being from the Philippines. It is not an easy job being a seaman, with the weather conditions facing them on the open seas. Of the millions of ship containers sailing across the oceans at this moment, about 10,000 containers are lost at sea each year, most of which are never seen again.

This has been a busy year here in the South Asian work, perhaps our busiest on record. For any interested, records are now available of literature sent out over the past 20 years. We have been excited to see an addition of 64 new contacts this year compared to 34 for last year. But by and large, the majority of literature goes out to established contacts, who keep coming back to us for more.

We value your continued prayers for our Lord’s blessing on the work to many precious souls. How exciting heaven will be with myriads of testimonies of how souls have been saved and blessed through the printed page! So please keep praying and we’ll keep sowing ~ workers together! 1 Cor. 3:8, 9.

Delta, BC Canada ~ I was wondering if you have any literature – preferably a Bible in Pashto.  I have a contact who is looking for this language.

Parafield Gardens, Australia ~ Can I just order 7 of the Bibles and 7 Ultimate Questions in Burmese? The material we collect is used as a ministry of ours reaching out to the Burmese people living locally. Many are Christian.  However they are very attached to their cultural roots, which I don’t have a problem with, but in many cases it has a detrimental effect on the gospel and spiritual growth of the people.

Woodmere, NY USA ~ I am a missions director and New Hope Christian church and also volunteer at Urban Impact where we teach English to mostly South Asian people. My neighborhood where I live in Queens NY is about 90% South Asian. So you can see I have a great need for these resources I am ordering from you.

Piding, GERMANY ~ The Tamil believers in Sri Lanka have received theTamil posters you had sent. They would like to get more copies of the scripture mottos and picture posters. They can use up to 100 copies per of each kind of the scripture mottos and picture posters you have.

Puyallup, WA USA ~ I sent an email already but really want to get some materials to some Vietnamese friends who are interested in the gospel but don’t understand.  Thanks so much.

Montreal, QC CANADA ~ We received the Bibles and the extras in good condition, and we thank you very much! It’s the first time we have seen aHindi New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, which we thought was very good. The Gospels are very nice.

Seattle, WA USA ~ I would like to have sent to me 20 Gospels of John in the Indian Punjabi language.  Please send me the invoice.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Dublin, IRELAND ~ I received my Bible and its perfect, thank you. I just placed another order on the website for 2 of my friends for 2 OV Urdu Bibles and 2 Roman Urdu Bibles. Recently a lot of Pakistanis have been arriving in Ireland so myself and some friends are learning Urdu and trying to get Bibles to them. The Roman version is very useful for us.

Greenville, SC USA ~ I received the Roman Urdu Bible last week…and things got busy.  Sorry for the delay in payment.  The Bible will help me as I minister to a Muslim Pakistani woman who is a dear friend.

Dudley, ENGLAND ~ I am glad to know that the Punjabi children’s Bible is available. I have tried to order it from UK websites without success. My dad cannot read English and is limited in Punjabi too so an adult translation would have made a rather frustrating Christmas present!

Yuba City, CA ~ I am interested in obtaining 1000 Punjabi calendars for a mass distribution event on November 3. (The Sikh parade in Yuba City, California – an outreach event.) … and later… The calendars arrived on Friday. They look lovely. We prayed over them tonight. Thank you for prayers for outreach. It was a joy to give them out and they were well received, especially by the elderly folks.

Abbotsford, BC CANADA ~ We have been having great success in reaching out to the Punjabi speaking people in Abbotsford. On one occasion alone we went door to door soul-winning on a street that was all Punjabi people and 7 people came to know the Lord through the preaching of the Gospel in English to them (not just individuals but families as well).

Cape Canaveral, FL USA ~ We received the 50 Tagalog NTs from NM&AFBS. They are very much appreciated. Yes we need 25 more.

Arlit, Republic of NIGER {From a French missionary working there} ~ Just to let you know that your parcel containing Arabic Gospels arrived this morning in perfect condition and with no problems whatsoever. I was surprised that they came so quickly.

Windsor, ON Canada ~ Do you have brochures or literature in CambodianLanguage?

Waco, TX USA ~ Please send me 20 New Testaments in the Somalilanguage.  The Minneapolis area has the largest Somali population next to Somalia itself. In fact two of the terrorists who blew up the Mall in Kenya were from there.

Vancouver, BC CANADA ~ With regard to the Indonesian John’s Gospel, I believe that, Lord willing, we would like to order 300 or so. We would also like 300 copies of AWAY FROM HOME in the Tagalog language.