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General Interest

Cross Currents Int. Ministries
Online language translations of “Your Quest for God,” by Richard Bennett. We carry many of these translations in book format.

Global Initiatives
Further online resources for Muslim outreach and interaction.

Hindu Ministries
Hindu Ministries ~ Sharing the Good News with your Hindu friends

India Link Ministries
Mission outreach to the Indian Subcontinent

Karma to Grace
Karma to Grace ~ a website designed to promote dialogue between Christians & Hindusm, with many testimonies

Naya Jeevan
A website for welcoming South Asians to their new life in North America.

Passport To India
Passport to India ~ a travel documentary on India

Multi Language Scripture Resources

Back To God Ministries International
Christian Radio broadcasts and other resources in multiple languages.

Digital Bible Society
Media-rich Bibles and other resources in many languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Farsi.

Ethnic Harvest
A wealth of information on resource material in different languages for reaching out cross-culturally

Missionary From Home
Missionary From Home ~ resources for interest outreach from your own home ~ in many languages

Talking Bibles
Multi-language Scripture recordings – Old and New Testaments ~ listen free. Also available for purchase.

Who is God?
Who is God? ~ an online tract in numerous languages that can be downloaded and printed

Multi Language Tracts

Bible (Tracts) for Children
Illustrated Bible Story tracts for children in over 40 languages.

Distribution of Christian Literature
Colourful tracts in European and eastern European languages ~ available for download

Evangelical Tract Distributors
Gospel tracts in many different languages

Fellowship Tract League
Gospel tracts in many different languages

Grace & Truth Inc.
Gospel Tracts in 12 different languages

World Christian Tract Directory
Directory of Language tracts ~ languages, tracts, addresses etc.


Christian Testimonies A
The Christian testimonies on this website are of everyday people whose lives have been changed by the redeeming power of God. They may live in your community; shop at the same stores you do, yet have struggles in life just like you and I have. Most are not published authors, and their way of expressing themselves may not be all that professional, but because of their gratitude for what Jesus Christ has done…they feel compelled to share their stories.

Christian Testimonies B
Testimonies of Hindus for Christ


Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry
An online outreach ministry to Muslims and Christians alike speaking the Arabic tongue.

Center for Ministry to Muslims ~ further resources in Arabic

Good Seed Calendar ~ Arabic
Good Seed Calendar in Arabic ~ available from Believers Bookshelf

A great website for many translated articles and online resources in Arabic

Remember Your Creator
An excellent Arabic – English Christian magazine full of helpful articles for non-believers as well as believers.

Voice of Preaching the Gospel
A great resource for Arabic titles, many of which were formerly published by the Call of Hope publishers, Germany


Bengali Evangelical Association

Bengali Bible Society


Burmese Bible

Cambodian (Khmer)

Bible Society of Cambodia
Bible Society of Cambodia ~ addition resource materials in Cambodian (Khmer language)


Ambassadors for Christ, Inc.
Christian literature and other resources for those coming from Mainland China.


Divehi ~ Sidahitun
Sidahitun ~ resources in Divehi, language of the Maldive Islands


Elam Ministries
Further resources in Persian (Farsi)

ICI Bookstore ~ Persian
ICI Bookstore ~ further Persian resources

Further online Resources in Farsi

Sadaye Zindagi
Further resources in the Farsi language

Talim Ministries
Biblical resources for reaching and equipping the Iranian peoples.

VOC Media Ministries
A Ministry to Iranians with additional resources both in Farsi and English.


Gujarat Tract & Book Society
Additional Christian resources in Gujarati. We can facilitate orders from this bookstore.

Jivan Sandesh Ministries
Further resources for Christian broadcast, music CDs and other materials in Gujarati and Hindi.

Upper Room ~ Gujarati edition
Gujarati edition of the Upper Room, a Bible periodical for Christians


Hindi Tract ~ Vedic Bridge
The Vedic Bridge ~ a Hindi tract ~ available for downloading

Lucknow Publishing House
Further Hindi ~ English publications
Christian Songs in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and other South Asian languages

Roman Hindi Bible
Hindi Bible in Roman script (Pavitra edition)

Upper Room ~ Hindi edition
Hindi edition of the Upper Room, a Christian periodical


Indonesian Bible Society

Indonesian Online Translation
Translation from/to Indonesian ~ online


Sathyam Ministries
Further resources in Malayalam


Marathi Gospel Resources


Nepali Bible Resources

Nepal Bible Society
Bible Society of Nepal ~ additional Scripture resources in the language of Nepali.


Bethlehem Punjabi Church
Bethlehem Punjabi Church, New York

Punjabi Christian Resources
Punjabi Christian Talks ~ True Path to God, by Kuldip Gangar


DIME Publishers
Editorial Tell me is a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing and distributing the most inspiring and instructive Christian literature at the lowest price possible, thus contributing to reaching the Spanish-speaking world with the gospel.

This ministry began in 1964 as a library of materials in Spanish in Cupertino, CA, under the name of Distribuidora International Materials Evangélicos (Dime ). In 1968 it began publishing, which continues to this day, expanding and updating a list of distributed products, including some from other publishers and materials in English.

Édiciones Bíblicas
A Swiss-based Christian supplier of Spanish materials
for believers and evangelism. Write in advance to ensure the use of this material either in Europe or South America.

Editorial Mundo Hispano/ Hispanic World Publishers
Comunicar el mensaje de Jesucristo y facilitar la formacion de discipulos por medios impresos y electronicos.

To communicate the message of Jesus Christ and develop disciples through printed and electronic resources.

Operation of God’s Love
This online site is for evangelical purposes completely, for helping non-believers understand God, the Bible and the Gospel.

Recursos Cristianos
Recursos Cristianos is a website that works as a virtual library to host a wide variety of Spanish Christian materials both in audio and written format. It includes teaching on church history, Christian apologetics, Bible exposition, various sermons, and audiobooks. Visit this site to download materials free of charge and share it with others.

Verdades Biblicas
The Spanish publishing arm of Bible Truth Publishers, who carry a wide selection of evangelical and teaching materials for use among Spanish readers. A free catalog is available upon request.


Tamil Christian Store
Additional Tamil Christian resources, direct from India. Please order directly.


Further online Christian Resources in Turkish

Turkish Bible Society
Bible Society of Turkey


MIK, Lahore Pakistan
MIK, Lahore Pakistan ~ largest Christian publishers of Urdu material

Further online Christian Resources in Urdu

Open Book Ministries
Open Book Ministries ~ further resources in Urdu, language of Pakistan


New Vietnamese Bible
New Vietnamese Bible and other Bible resources in Vietnamese

Vietnam Ministries
Further resources and Christian book supplies in Vietnamese