Newsletter – Summer 2012 June 1, 2012 – Posted in: News

Dear Christian Friends ~ It has become a busy summer, hence this newsletter is going out later than anticipated. Once again, I wish we could share with you many more of the opportunities that the Lord has graciously put in our path for providing language materials for their outreach in the Gospel. It is exciting while important to remember that we are just spokes in the wheel. It is a privilege to have any part in the great commission. God is building His church one stone at a time and very soon the last stone will be put into place. But there are still millions without the Savior and many faithful ones are seeking to reach them with the Good News. We thank God for every faithful worker and for the valuable prayer warriors at home.

On the home front, we are attempting to streamline the work with materials that are of most interest and finding use for those materials which are less interest. Of course we know the Lord can and will use His Word in whatever format it may come. Romans 9:16. But with so much going online and internet- related these days, it is only practical to use a mode of communication that folks can relate to and identify with. That thought is being reflected in our new website which we hope to have live and running soon. Brethren, pray for us, that His Word may have free course and be glorified. He is able and we trust Him! And your continued prayers are valued for wisdom in using what He has entrusted for His glory!

Bergen, NORWAY ~ The Konkani Gospels of John already happily are taken by the cruise ships crew visiting the Seaman’s Mission in Bergen, Norway. Thanks for having provided for them. Online Request ~ Looking for Bible or New Testament for man going back to Laos (non- Christian), a Buddhist.

Sacramento, CA USA ~ Could you send me another consignment of ten (10) Hindi BSI Bibles Old Version (OV) ?

Hawthorne, NJ USA ~ I am planning an outreach with teaching on Islam and Hinduism… and later,.. The materials you sent were received and are appreciated. Some of the materials you sent have been given to our workers and are much appreciated.

Ephrata, PA USA ~ Other than the Hindi/English Bible, do you have any other Indian language bilingual Bibles? Please also send me 20 copies of the revised edition Bibles in Nepali.

Labasa, FIJI ISLANDS ~ Please send us 9 more copies of the Hindi-English Bibles you have in stock. Also, we can use surplus materials you no longer carry. Please send them to bro. Premend and we will get it to Fiji.

Denver Rescue Mission, Denver CO USA ~ Thanks much for the prompt response to my order. The shipment arrived already, and we’re getting them out. We’re using both the Nepali and the Burmese Gospels of John in evangelistic work (church-planting objective) in our ministry with refugees in Denver. We are finding that many of these resettling families are unaware of the message of the free gift of eternal life, and the John’s Gospel in Nepali and Burmese are the perfect tool.

Space Coast Seafarers’ Ministry, Cape Canaveral FL USA ~ We can use all the Indonesian Bibles and NTs you can spare. We have several passenger ships in our port each week staffed with mostly Indonesian crew. That means several hundred Indonesian crew each week through our doors every 3 or 4 days.

West Palm Beach, FL USA ~ Gospel for Asia pointed me to your website. We have a friend from Madras whose native language is Tamil. I want to lead her to Jesus. She is fluent in English, but I thought it might be very nice to offer her something in Tamil. Is there anything you would recommend as a start literature for her?

Snydertown, PA USA ~ Could you send me a list of the Nepali titles (both English and Nepali) so I may forward them on to some of the brothers here to see which ones are desired.

Amarillo, TX USA ~ We are earnestly seeking printed and/or audible teaching materials that may help explain New Testament principles in the Burmese or Karen languages or just audible in the Thai language. The LORD has brought some legal Burmese refugees of the Karen people group in our path that we are having regular Bible studies with. One of the main reoccurring topics has been remembering the LORD/the LORD’S Supper. It was suggested that you may have some materials that we could use, in the will of the LORD.

High Point, NC USA ~ It was good to learn about the availability of Nepali literature even here in USA, and I would like to order some of the samples and other titles and perhaps along with the English originals. I also visited your site and saw some material which I think will be of great help for those who do not know English. Please also send me those Nepali cassettes, as we can use them and I hope we can convert them to CDs.

ISI, Wichita KS, USA ~ I have just received a donation to be used towards ministering to Saudis and Muslims in general. So, I need Arabic/English Bibles and NTs, Farsi Bibles and Bengali Bibles. Can you find something in Tigrinya like a N.T. or bi-lingual? We are getting a number of guys coming from Eritrea and they speak Tigrinya. The written language is like Amharic but the spoken language is quite different. Thanks.


Markham ON CANADA ~ ‘As of April 2012, there were approximately 7 billion people on earth. About 750 million (or about 11 per cent) are willing to claim Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour. Just over 50 per cent of the world’s population (or 3.5 billion people) have not heard the gospel, and most of them do not have a realistic opportunity of hearing it.’

Ann Arbor, MI USA ~ Many years ago, you supplied me with a dozen Dzongkha New Testaments. Recently, while near the Bhutan border, I was informed that the rest of the Old Testament had been completed and the whole Bible in Dzongkha finally printed. Until then, only the books of Psalms & Proverbs were included with the N.T. I saw a copy of this at an Indian bookshop at the Bhutan border city of Jaigaon. Today, I contacted the Bible Society of India Calcutta Office to inquire further; but you came to mind and thought you may have additional data concerning this.

The Lord gave the Word, many were the company of those who proclaimed it. Psalm 68:11. So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase. 1 Cor. 3:7. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6.